How AutoGlass-Review Works

Actual Customers Write Real Reviews

We are different from subscription based review sites like Angie’s list and others such as Yelp.  That's because our reviews come directly from real verified auto glass customers who have already had an actual repair at one the auto glass shops listed on
Customer Satisfaction Surveys are standard practice in the auto glass industry and the requirement of most auto insurance companies.  All of the reviews listed on, come from actual customers who have had repairs.  The reviews reflect direct feedback they provide on those repairs.  Through our site feedback gathering system, we connect directly with auto glass shop customers after the repair has been completed at one of our listed auto glass companies.
We use our own patented consumer sentiment scoring algorithm to rank the satisfaction of the consumer.
Scoring is based on the actual language used by the customer directly from the survey results.  Our verification method guarantees that the reviews you read on are real reviews from verified customers about their actual repair experience.
Yelp and other review sites allow anyone to leave a review without verification.  They rely on math and chance to weed out fake reviews.  AutoGlass-Review eliminates the possibility of fake reviews!  Reviewers MUST be verified to confirm they were actual customers of the auto glass company receiving the review.
AutoGlass-Review is unique in our search features.  Consumers can search by vehicle make and see how a company has been reviewed for a specific brand.  Also available to consumers, is the ability to search by insurance company.  See how others sharing your insurance company have reviewed an auto glass company.



We post everything!  The good along with the bad so consumers get the full picture of the auto glass company.  We als create full descriptions of the auto glass company, in fact, everything you need to know is written and researched by real people. Once you  have selected a company, contact them directly through their AutoGlass-Review page right here on our site.  It’s that simple!

Our Rating System - The natural language review system from, lets consumers create a review that rates their overall experience.  The algorithm which drives our ‘consumer sentiment engine,’ looks at the words that are actually used in the review and assigns a satisfaction rating.  This rating is based on the natural language each customer uses as they describe their individual experience with the auto glass repair company

You Make the Decision.

The ultimate right to choose where your car is repaired lies with you, the car owner. with you have the ability to search for an auto body repair shop, study the customer reviews, read about the collision repair shop and make an appointment for an auto glass repair estimate all from one spot, eliminating the need to jump from website to website.

Get valuable unbiased auto glass repair information.

To further assist you in making decisions, our blog section contains in-depth expert answers to your collision repair questions, written from within the industry. These posts cover all questions auto body shop customers have about auto body repair, how to avoid being ripped off, and how to handle common car insurance questions.