About AutoGlass-Review.com


AutoGlass-Review.com was created as an alternative to the myriad of review sites that exist on the internet, many of which have questionable validity in their reviews.

Not one single online review site focuses solely on auto body repair shops, and none of the review sites have a process for determining if the reviewer is a real customer of the business. AutoGlass-Review.com set out to change that.

Why Can You Trust AutoGlass-Review.com?

Trust is a hard thing to earn, but easy to lose. Our entire business philosophy is built on earning your trust, and helping you trust the professionals who will be repairing your car.

That’s why we post every review both good and bad. We never filter our reviews to “help” a body shop look good. We also have strict processes that prevent phony or fake reviews from being posted to our site. We don’t rely on some mathematical algorithm like Yelp. All of the reviews on our site come from real verified customers of each auto body shop.

How We Get Our Auto Glass Customer Reviews?

Our reviews come to us two different ways:

1) Actual customer satisfaction surveys:

The customers reviews for AutoGlass-Review.com come from single question survey results that Insurance companies use to gauge the customer satisfaction level of a recent auto body shop. Our parent company handles this service for insurance companies; therefore we have access to all this data.

2) Online Posting:

We allow for online posting of reviews directly to our site from customers like you. However, in order for the review to be posted, the reviewer has to be confirmed as an actual customer of the shop through our verification process. This way we can ensure that all reviews are from real customers of that shop.

One Stop in Auto Glass Shopping

We don’t just stop at auto body shop reviews. We also give you the tools you need to evaluate each body shop, find local shops near you, tour their facilities, and schedule an appointment all with one or two clicks. Auto body repair is a hassle, picking a body shop shouldn't have to be.

Feature AutoGlass-Review.com Other Review Sites
Reviews Can be Manipulated   Check mark
Competition Can Post Reviews   Check mark
Customers Can Post Reviews Check mark Check mark
All Reviews Verified as Actual Customers Check mark  
Reviews Provide SEO Value and Promotes SEO Ranking Check mark Check mark
Easy to Set Up Check mark Check mark
Mobile Friendly Check mark Check mark
Share on Social Media Check mark Check mark
Promotes Business Transparency Check mark  
Automatically Request Reviews Check mark  
Reviews Provide Actionable Feedback Check mark  
Management System Interface Check mark  
Industry Certification Branding/Interface (ASE, VeriFacts, Etc) Check mark  
Online Appointment Scheduling with Automated Notification Check mark  
Web Service API for Loading Reviews to Your Website Check mark  
* Mitchell ABS Classic, ABSe, RepairCenter, ROME CompleteShop, Custom Systems, and More.